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Eco Energy Parks

Cost Effective, Eco-Friendly Municipal Solid Waste to Energy


Energy From Waste

Not only will our Eco Energy Park be a place for families to learn about clean technologies, it will also be a place to create energy from waste!
Teaching the Community about the Future of Energy.

Municipal Solid Waste(MSW) management is one of the world’s biggest challenges. The US currently produces over 250 million tons of MSW each year, almost 2/3 of which continues to be landfilled. Other forms of waste increase this quantity significantly. Worldwide, the total MSW number is 1.3 billion tons per year and projected to grow to 2.6 billion tons per year by 2025 (The Worldwatch Institute), and that number is projected to triple by 2100. The increased pressure to find alternative ways to deal with MSW will increase the catalytic forces propelling bioenergy projects forward, especially waste-to-energy projects.

EEI is working to create “Eco Parks”.  Place where waste can ber converted into clean energy WHILE the community can be involved in learning about emerging clean technologies.

Our upcoming Eco park will conclude features such as:

  • Park and picnic area
  • Waste converting to Energy production facility
  • Playground
  • Solar Panels
  • Other cutting edge technologies
  • Classroom with teaching tools

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